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Cutboy Malaysia

Saji Rainbow VG10 RO Bunka 180mm.

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Saji Rainbow VG10 RO Bunka 180mm.

Certified as a Dentoukougeishi (Traditional Master Craftsman) & with over 54 years of experience, Takeshi Saji has very innovative designs. Specializing in different types of damascus & hunting knives.

These Rainbow series are the thinnest of Saji-Sans knives. His VG10 has excellent edge retention and will change your mind about the steel all together. If you are truly looking for a piece of art look no further.


Type : Bunka 文化

Material : VG10 Damascus

Finish : Suminagashi 

Brand : Takeshi Saji 佐治武士

Origin : Gifu - Japan

Size : 180mm.

Thickness : 2mm.

Weight : 130g.


Cutboy Malaysia Is Located At :

Artisan’s Playground by COOKHOUSE
Block H, 1st Floor Rivercity Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur


Care Information

High Carbon Steel tend to rust and oxydize, always wash and dry the product after use.
(Aplication of oil is optional but recommended)

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