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Cutboy Malaysia

Whetstone Base (Blue)

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Stainless Non-Slip Whetstone Base (Blue)

One touch mounting with a spring, making it easy to slip your whetstone in. Made with highly durable stainless steel and special resin for the pedestal.

A specific two point support system was design to ensure that a thinned whetstone is relatively hard to break, so you can change and use your whetstone with confidence.
Compatible with grindstones with a length of 185 mm to 225 mm and a width of 80 mm. 


Brand : TTC-2L 

Origin : Osaka - Japan

Size : 210 x 80 x 30 mm.

Weight : 570g.




Cutboy Malaysia Is Located At :

Artisan’s Playground by COOKHOUSE
Block H, 1st Floor Rivercity Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur


Care Information

High Carbon Steel tend to rust and oxydize, always wash and dry the product after use.
(Aplication of oil is optional but recommended)

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